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About Me

My name is Christine, and along with being a professional Tarot Reader, I am also a psychic/intuitive Witch, Mystic, Reiki Master, writer and multi-media creative artist. I am both a teacher and a student of life.



I have been working with Tarot for over 30 years as a tool for gaining clarity, awareness and empowerment. My relationship with the Tarot is one of the most consistently meaningful, and enriching parts of my magickal and spiritual practice, and a sacred channel for Spirit communication - a connection which has only deepened and strengthened over time.



I always intended my relationship with Spirit and the Tarot to remain private and personal, but after a profoundly powerful near-death experience several years ago, I was guided by Spirit to become a full-time professional Tarot reader.



As a mystic and Elemental Witch drawn to spend time in nature in contemplation and connection with Spirit, I was given the message that it was time for me to "return from the wilderness" and share the insights and wisdom I have been given.




My purpose is to help my clients get in touch with their own power and magick, grow in empowerment, and harness energy and intention to make positive changes in their lives.




My services combine Tarot readings and Magick - REAL Magick you can perform in yourself (no previous experience necessary!) to help you achieve your goals and create deeper meaning in your life.


So if your soul calls out to gain clarity, tap into something deeper within, and touch the magick to manifest real change, I look forward to working with you!

Featured Service
Tarot Magick Reading
Tarot Reading

Do you want to get more clarity about what is going on in your life, and where you might be headed?

Do you feel like you may have blocks or challenges to overcome in order to achieve your goals and desires?


Do you really want to make positive changes in your life, but you're not sure what to do to or how to start?

Did you ever feel a little lost after you had Tarot readings in the past? Maybe you received great insight, but you didn't really know how to implement the advice, and left wondering "What do I do next?"

My Unique Tarot Magick Service 

Was Designed for You!




Tarot Reading


You will receive a psychic-intuitive Tarot consultation to receive Spirit Guidance and clarity about your situation and identify your goals and desires.

Make Magick!


Based on the Spirit-guided insights from your Tarot reading, I will create a fully customized spell / ritual designed just for you (no magickal experience necessary!) to do at home.


This will  help you stay focused, change your energy, harness your own potent magick, and actively manifest the future you want!


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Make Magick

Harness Your Magick to Create Real Change!


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