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I'm Christine, a fellow traveler on the awakening path. I seek to reach out to other Pagans, Lightworkers and other "outsiders" of society so that we may shake off the shackles of consensus reality, hold hands and venture into the deep, dark woods of the soul together. What monsters, magick and beauty will we discover on this journey? 


I am a truth-seeker, Mystic, Tarot Reader, Psychic/Intuitive Witch, and Reiki Master, who has been dedicated to shadow work, psycho-spiritual exploration, dream work, and mystical exploration for over thirty years. 


My journey has been primarily solitary and personal, delving into the wilds of nature, exploring higher levels of reality and my own connection to Spirit. Nature is my cathedral, and it is in the sacred wilderness, away from the human world that I feel most at home. 

If it were up to me, I might spend my days alone, communing with bugs and plants and animals, however, Spirit has another plan for me. I have been called to connect with others through writing, Tarot, and teaching, to share my experiences and insights and support the blossoming of the awakening of the collective human consciousness. 


The Earth is in crisis, human-made western culture is in shambles, and spiritual warriors are needed more than ever before. 



If you identify yourself as a follower of alternative spiritual paths, I understand the myriad challenges you may be facing, living as a magickal person in a very muggle world. I know what it can be like to try to incorporate the spiritual into the mundane and live a life of authenticity in a culture that highly values conformity. I understand what it is like to be ostracized, feared and vilified for your uniqueness.


I want to share some of the struggles, failures, and triumphs I’ve faced on my personal journey to empowerment, for those who might relate to feeling like an outsider. 


Through my own challenges and deep spiritual work, I have gleaned many insights and found some practices and methods - psychological, spiritual and practical - that actually work to create real change and growth. 


I am a teacher and a student of life, and an ally for those brave souls willing to take the road less traveled.   

 Our mission is:


To support those souls on the awakening journey that are outsiders to find personal empowerment.


To reach out and foster genuine connection with magickal folk or anyone on the awakening path who may feel isolated due to their unique gifts and challenges.


To explore the difficulties of balancing spiritual and mundane life and offer practical guidance and processes that work.


To explore and discuss ways of living more consciously and authentically in the world.

My spirit message to you is that you are not alone!  We are all being called to use our gifts to support the awakening of consciousness in dark times on this planet.  You are important, you are needed, you are greatly valued by Spirit.  Together we can hold hands and walk the path, from darkness into Light

Much love, and Blessed Be


My name is Stephen and I am primarily a kitchen witch and healer. 

It has taken me a long time to find a place where I fit in the world. Being an outsider has never been easy, but it has come with spiritual gifts. Not fitting in made me bitter and angry for a while, but it has ultimately pushed me to approach the world from a place of acceptance, compassion, and love.


I learned acceptance for others who may not share the same views, to have compassion for where others are in their spiritual journey and love to see the magick in everything.


A wise woman once told me that there are only two ways to view the world. One way is to view the world as if everything is magick; the other is to view the world as if nothing is. 

I remember from a very young age that I wanted to help heal the world. I was always coming home with stray animals; birds with broken wings, baby squirrels that had fallen out of trees. Usually, the animals died. It was heartbreaking but at the same time, I knew that I had made them comfortable for their last moments. I was an odd kid: death didn’t really bother me, but the living often did because their understanding of the world was so different from mine.


Where I might have felt somewhat apart from human society I had extended family that lived and worked a dairy farm, kept chickens and boarded horses. I would go and visit almost every summer (it was really a working “vacation”). I would slop out the stalls, help milk the cows, brush the horses and feed the chickens. In my free time, I would get lost the fields and forests that surrounded the farmstead. It was here that I grew up deeply connected to animals and the earth. I learned about the wild places, fallow fields, and farming. These “working vacations” eventually made me reflect on my immediate family, and how I should be honoring my ancestors.

My ancestors and immediate family were market gardeners, farmers, bakers, and cooks. I learned how to grow and harvest food and be proud of what I grew, which further deepened my connection to the land. I learned how to cook, and I saw just how healing that cooking could be. I realized that being connected to the process is just as important as the end result. To me, growing food and cooking is about mindfulness and healing.


My spiritual path has been very eclectic. I have been adopted by Roma; I have achieved masters in Reiki, and I am on the path to become a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I have dedicated myself to healing and to learning. I also read Tarot Cards (just for myself, not as good as Christine, yet!!!) 

I am currently working towards a PSW certificate to align my healing abilities with my soul’s purpose as a healer. I cook and bake as often as I can to stay connected to where I came from. I eventually want to do a YouTube channel and share my great, great grandmother’s 1000-year-old pie crust recipe and other recipes of my ancestral cooking heritage.


First and foremost I am a kitchen witch, extended from a long line of kitchen witches. Now that I think about it I don’t know if my mom (or Grandmother or Great Grandmother) would like to be called a witch.

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