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Tarot Reading Experience

I have been working with Tarot and Oracle to receive wisdom and guidance from Spirit for over thirty years, starting with a deck given to me by my mother. I have a deep, loving relationship with the cards and with Spirit.


Over these many years, I have gained a solid knowledge of traditional tarot card meanings, but I predominantly work highly intuitively, incorporating traditional meanings with spontaneous spirit guidance. 



I am a natural-born intuitive/empath. I receive psychic guidance through my intuition, claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairaudience (clear knowing, seeing and hearing).


These are hereditary psychic gifts that have been passed down through my matrilineal line, along with a deep connection to nature, animals, and Spirit.

I connect spiritually with the Universe/Angels/Spirit guides to receive messages and guidance.



As a passionate truth-seeker and mystic, I have also spent over thirty years studying and participating in psychospiritual development.


My work has included focusing on how our thoughts help to create our reality, entering into intentional presence practice, performing extensive and deep shadow work, and practicing emotional healing techniques.



I have been a pagan and practicing witch for almost as many years, though it has only been in the last five years of my journey that I have fully embraced my personal empowerment. Now, with very little physical effort, I get solid manifestations from my magick workings. I want to help others on the awakening path to do the same.

My journey has 

I am also trained as a Reiki Master, and work with elemental energies, particularly those of water and air.

* Near death experience

dark night of the soul

crossing over spirits

My Reading


With me, no two readings are the same!


I do not count or charge by the card, I rarely use set spreads, and my time frames are a little bendy. Your reading may be a bit longer or shorter, depending upon the call of spirit. 


My intention is to give you the reading you really need, so I am reasonably flexible with time. My readings may also Oracle Cards, Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique, a kind of acupressure), energy healing, or other inspired modalities if called to do so, at no extra charge.

I call my business Wild Soul Magick for a reason - my cards rarely behave, and each reading is an adventure into the unknown together. My readings are an art, not a science, and my gift is the ability to uncover the deeper truths of a situation, and the highest path to walk. Y


I have been told by many psychics and readers over the years that I was meant to be doing what they do, but due to early trauma, it took me many years of shadow work and spiritual development to reach a place of personal empowerment strong enough to offer these gifts to others. It is my mission and higher calling to do so now.



If you are struggling, know that I can relate, for I too have experienced many challenges on my life. I have been told by my spirit guides that pain is my gift. It is the shared human experience, the "cross to bear" of our mortal life.

If you are feeling called to work with me, click below to browse and book a reading

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