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How is your spiritual mentoring different from conventional therapy?


My spiritual mentoring work has many similarities to conventional talk-therapy and some key differences. I see the two services as complimentary with each other.


Both include the use of psychological techniques and methods to help the client with their mental, emotional and social well-being. 

The limitation with conventional therapy is that training is based on the medical model of mental illness, without training in, or real understanding of, spiritual growth or development.

The main differences between my spiritual mentoring service and conventional therapy are:

#1 Respect and understanding of life as a spiritual journey of awakening

Because the spiritual/energetic realm of existence is not acknowledged by our culture and science, it is generally not understood or addressed fully in therapy. If you have had spiritual or mystical experiences, you may feel reluctant to talk about it there, for fear of being seen as mentally ill.


I have had many mystical spiritual experiences myself, and this is a safe space to share yours.

#2 The use of alternative techniques and methods for gaining insight and personal growth not used in conventional therapy.


Some of the techniques I use are psychologically-based like in traditional therapy, but many are based on the understanding of spiritual practice and energy work.


#3 The focus on true relationship-building as equals.


Those of us on the awakening/spiritual path are still in the minority, and there is great power in coming together and connecting. For me, this work is not merely a job, it is a calling. I believe that Spirit leads us to the right people to learn from, and that we are all unique but equal.


I see our relationship as something that we can both learn deeply from. 


What role does religion play in your spiritual mentoring service?


Religion plays no role in this service unless you want it to!

I will never push any kind of religious beliefs on you. This service is about helping you on your path, whatever that path may be.

I was raised Catholic, but I could not relate to that faith. I studied Buddhism and other religions and found threads of truth running through each one at their highest levels. In time, I came to see that all true paths lead to the same place - love and compassion, and an understanding that we are all one.


I myself consider myself a mystic, pagan and witch, I connect with the Goddess and the great Oneness, but my partner, while following a nature-based Druidic path, also has a strong connection with Jesus because of his Christian background.

I believe that all paths ultimately lead to common spiritual truths, and all are valid as long as they are not harmful to others.

If you feel that this kind of spiritual work would go against your religion, then perhaps this service is not right for you at this time. If you are in the process of questioning your religious beliefs, this service could be an excellent support for you.

I'm not here to tell you what to believe, I'm here to help you discover your own truth.

Want to learn more about my journey?

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