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My Story

Your life path is unique, but we are all connected, sharing the human experience of pain, and the desire to grow in empowerment and become our true selves


My journey has brought me from a place of disempowerment to one of empowerment, and ultimately, to this work with you 

I believe there is power in sharing our stories together and learning from each other

As a sensitive and curious child, I loved exploring nature, discovering bugs and animals, and being out in the forest. I felt most at home in the wilds. It was being around people that was the real challenge.

Though I didn't understand it at the time, I was an empath; I could sense from the earliest age the discrepancy most people had between their inner truth and their outer words and actions. I could feel their pain, and see the insanity of what I later came to know as the "pain body" (courtesy of Ekhart Tolle) take people over, and I wanted to understand what was happening.

Likely because of my perceptive nature, and my ability to see into people's hearts (which not everyone appreciated!) I was bullied and rejected in school, which set up a dynamic of trying to bravely soldier on through life every day, despite the great fear that was my constant companion.

I went through an early spiritual awakening at age 16, after questioning my religious upbringing and discovering the profound wisdom of Buddhism. This first awakening was incredibly impactful but was seemingly undone by clinical depression brought on by an emotionally abusive relationship (I had already experienced depression in childhood due to the bullying I experienced). I felt I had been undone.


No medication worked on my depression, and only seemed to make things worse. All the beauty and joy of my spiritual connection seemed lost, but even during my darkest days, while I could not feel my spiritual connection at the time, I could remember what it felt like, and I was determined to get better and reconnect to spirit again.

I spent many years committed to personal growth: reading, doing journal writing and self-reflection, working with affirmations, and learning many valuable techniques.

Alongside my psychospiritual work, my spiritual path developed and deepened. I lived in the world, teaching young children, but I always knew that this work was only part of my calling. As a highly sensitive person, the overwhelming chaotic energy of the environment wore on my nervous system, and the adult ego/unconsciousness drama wore away at my soul.

It seemed like the same issues and challenges repeated themselves over and over again, like being bullied by co-workers and bosses, and life was wearing me down. I never fit in, and as time went on, that division between myself and others around me only seemed to grow.


I felt that, as a pagan, witch and mystic, I had to hide so much of who I really was from my co-workers, which was extremely isolating, and I had to hide away after work in a vain attempt to replenish my energy, only to wake up and do it all over again.

After many ups and downs and traumas, I finally had what is commonly referred to as my "dark night of the soul". I had tried so hard and worked so hard, but I eventually realized that I was still subconsciously approaching life from a place of fear, and my nervous system was shot from the stress.  I simply could not face life the same way any longer.

I experienced a frightening, but powerful mystical experience that showed me that I had a choice to make, and in that place of darkness, I finally surrendered to the Universe in a new way. This was my true awakening, to a new way of being. From that point on, I began my journey to empowerment, and I was supported by the Universe every step of the way.

The goddess Morrigan came into my life after that, and while the lessons taught to me were intense and challenging, my magickal abilities began to blossom. My psychic powers opened up - not "just" empathic abilities as I had always had, but true psychic experiences.


I learned to work more fully with energy, and finally, after years of trying to "create my own reality" through affirmations and other techniques, I was finally able to manifest with intention. I had stepped into my empowerment and remembered who I really was - an embodiment of the Goddess/Source/the Universe, as we all are, at our core.

That is when I got the clear calling from spirit to step out of my self-imposed isolation from society and enter into the world as a spiritual mentor for others who have gone through some of what I have, who have felt isolated and alone and misunderstood.

If you have experienced struggles, challenges or a sense of isolation from others because of your own uniqueness. know that you are not alone.

You are more powerful than you know, and you have unique and beautiful gifts to give the world!

I'm looking forward to working with you,


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