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I am Epona, Lady of the Sacred Mysteries, ancient and powerful. I bear gifts for those who can see my face and hear the call of the wild horses. I am the sacred escort, guide and guardian of the spirit warrior.

Heed my call, harness your sacred flame, journey with me to the Otherworld.

You are called.

You are chosen to stand among my children, a swift rider between worlds. You have power unmeasured and untested, and it is time to harness and direct it in my service, and in the service of your own spirit and calling.

You are meant for greatness, and I will ensure your success. This is your call to action! Motion! Journeying and travel!

I embue you with my energy, my passion, my abundance. We are linked in service to one another, for the highest good of the Earth and her Animals and all Wild Things.

Darkness is coming, and you must be a Light! Feel me now in your heart - the burning flame, the fire of spirit - inspiration is dawning.

Open yourself to the flame and be consumed by it's Light.

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