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I'm Zoe Wilding, a fellow traveler on the awakening path.  I write under this pseudonym so that I have the freedom to shake off the shackles of consensus reality, hold hands and venture into the deep, dark woods with you.  What monsters, magick and beauty will we discover on this journey together?

A bio is a tricky thing - words are limited, they rest on the surface, often describing the outer identity, while failing to capture the unseen essence of the person.  As someone in the process of breaking down and exposing ego identity, it's a challenge to write a bio that goes deeper than just a list of traits and roles.  It is the spirit in me that wishes to speak to the spirit in you.  I want to break through the barriers of ego and connect on a soul level.  

With that caveat in place, I guess it’s on to the inevitable list of traits and roles…

I have been a truth-seeker and Pagan / Witch involved with shadow work, psycho-spiritual exploration, and energy work for over thirty years.  In my "day job" as a teacher of young children, I've helped to foster in them a connection to nature and nurtured their inherent love of learning.  My own childlike passion for learning has never waned, and my spiritual practice is ever-evolving and deepening.

My journey has been primarily solitary and personal, delving into the wilds of nature, exploring higher levels of reality and my own connection to Spirit.   I am now being called to find my voice, share my experiences and insights, and support the blossoming of the awakening of the collective human consciousness.

As a mystic, a highly sensitive empath and psychic-intuitive, I understand the myriad challenges you too may be facing, living as a magickal person in a very muggle world. I know what it can be like to try to incorporate the spiritual into the mundane and live a life of authenticity in a culture that highly values conformity.  I want to share some of the struggles, failures, and triumphs I’ve faced on my personal journey to empowerment, for those who might relate to feeling like an outsider.


Through my own challenges and deep spiritual work, I have gleaned many insights and found some practices and methods - psychological, spiritual and practical - that actually work to create real change and growth.  I am a teacher and a student of life, and a spiritual counselor for those brave souls willing to take the road less traveled.


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