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Tarot Magick!

Best-value, unique featured service! Tarot reading & Magick e-book

  • 1 hour
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Google Hangouts, Skype

Service Description

Bring Some Magick Into Your Life! This unique 3-step Tarot Magick Service is designed not just help you gain insight and awareness, but to actually take that next step and actively manifest the future you want! _________________________________________________________________ STEP #1: TAROT READING: The Spiritual Reflection GAIN CLARITY: During the tarot reading I will work with Spirit to give you insight and awareness into your current situation, and get a glimpse at where things are headed, from the perspective of the current energy of the situation. IDENTIFY BLOCKS: We will get the measure of the issues and energies involved, and identify any challenges or blocks that may need to be addressed. SET GOALS: We will clarify your goals or desired outcomes. These goals will be the basis for the magick! ________________________________________________________________ STEP#2: CONSULTATION: Honoring your uniqueness After your tarot reading, I will send you a quick, confidential questionnaire to fill out that will give me insight into your unique circumstances to design a customized spell that is practical and meaningful for you, and in alignment with your beliefs, abilities, preferences and lifestyle. My Magick workings are fully customized to you! Nothing will ever be imposed upon you that you are not fully comfortable doing, and it is completely open to your adaptation as you see fit. What is important is making the action powerful and relatable for YOU! __________________________________________________________________ Step #3: The Magick: The Action - Making real change YOUR MAGICKAL MINI E-BOOK: Once you submit your questionnaire, I'll begin work on your customized spell/ritual, designed to help you manifest your specific goals and desires identified in your Tarot reading. You will receive this mini-e-book in your email inbox as a PDF, usually within 48 hours. Your Magickal mini e-book will include a detailed, multi-page outline of your customized ritual, including clear instructions for the materials needed, step-by-step actions to be performed, and any other suggestions, safety warnings or magickal tips related to your specific spell/working. MAKE YOUR MAGICK! You can perform this powerful ritual or magick spell yourself at home, at the time(s) of your choosing, to help energetically support manifesting the outcome you want to achieve in your life. You are a powerful creative being, and you can make magick!

Cancelation Policy

Booking Tarot Readings If you need to change the time or date of your Tarot reading after you have booked it, please contact me as soon as possible, and I would be happy to help find a time that works for you! If you need to cancel, please do so before your scheduled reading time, preferably with 24 hours notice, otherwise a refund cannot be issued. Honest mistakes do happen however, and in this case, I may be able to re-schedule for you. Magick Services Booking: Due to the nature of my online web booking, to purchase a magick service you need to choose a time on my bookings calendar. Of course, it will take time for me to customize your spell/magick working because I am creating it just for you! Once I receive your booking for the service, I will begin work on it as soon as possible, and endeavor to e-mail it to you within 24-48 hours. If for any reason you don't receive your custom magick working within a week, I will refund your payment. You may also cancel your magick service within 24 hours of booking it, and receive a refund, but no refunds will be issued after the service has been sent to you.

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