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Tarot Reading Experience

I have been working with Tarot and Oracle to receive wisdom and guidance from Spirit for over thirty years, starting with a deck given to me by my mother. It has been a consistent and highly personal method of communication with Spirit, involving intuitive guidance and much incredible synchronicity!


I have a deep, loving relationship with the cards and with Spirit.


Over the years, I have also studied the Tarot more formally, gaining a solid knowledge of the traditional tarot card meanings, but I still predominantly work with the cards highly intuitively and psychically, incorporating traditional meanings with spontaneous spirit guidance.

I have offered readings to friends and family over the years informally, and it has only been in the last couple of years that I have been called by Spirit to share my abilities professionally with the wider public.  

Because this is a genuine spiritual calling, my full heart and soul are put into my readings with you!

My Reading Style

With me, no two readings are the same! 


I do not count or charge by the card, I rarely use pre-determined spreads, and my time frames are a little flexible. Your reading may be a bit longer or shorter, depending upon the call of spirit. 

I don't offer millions of confusing reading options because I want to keep it simple for you. We can address any question issue for you during any of my reading options! You only need to choose the reading length, or face-to-face or through email.


My intention is to give you the reading you really need.


 Readings may also include Oracle Cards, energy healing, or other inspired modalities if called to do so, at no extra charge.

I call my business Wild Soul Magick for a reason - my cards rarely behave, and each reading is an adventure into the unknown together.


My readings are an art, co-created with the Universe, and my gift is the ability to uncover the deeper truths of your situation and give you spirit-guided insight into the highest path to walk. 

Need more info?

Check out the Tarot Frequently Asked Questions

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  • A magick spell/ritual customized to help you manifest your intentions

    60 Canadian dollars
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